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Ptushkin about us, our favorites and war: watch the trailer for his debut film

Travel blogger Anton Ptushkin presented his first full-length film “We, Our Pets and War.” This film was announced as the opening of the 12th Doc Kyiv Fest film festival, writes WomanEL.

Ptushkin about us, our favorites and the war. Source: Instagram

The main characters of the film are cats, dogs, bears, lions, lemurs and a Yemeni chameleon named Game, as well as the people who save them. Many foreigners were involved in the film, for whom the heroism of Ukrainians during the rescue of animals became a real discovery.

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According to Anton, this project is generally different from everything he has done before. There won't be any beautiful landscapes or drone flyovers or anything like that.

This is the trailer for the documentary I've been filming for the last year and a half, which comes out on April 4th for theatrical release in Ukraine. This is my first project that cannot be viewed on YouTube,

the blogger said.

“We, our favorites and war.” Source: Instagram

The debut film “We, Our Darlings and the War” was an attempt to show the events in Ukraine from a different angle. Namely, because of the relationship between people and animals, who became both witnesses and victims of this war…

We wrote earlier that a film about the dreams of teenagers and their lives during the war is being released.

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