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A top Ukrainian director and designer spoke about his sex with a man

The Ukrainian public is interested in the recognition of the famous designer and director Alexei Zalevsky about his past sexual experiences with a man. In his candid interview for the YouTube project “Alone,” Zalewski spoke about the intimate trials of youth, writes WomanEL.

According to the designer himself, this happened almost 30 years ago, when he was young and experimenting. Zalewski admitted that such experiences are part of his past, but he did not identify himself as gay.

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I had sex with a man about 30 years ago. It was and was. To be called gay if I had sex with a man 30 years ago is somehow strange. Maybe I'll be gay, I don't know, maybe I'll meet someone. So far I can say that yes, I had sex with a man. I did not identify myself with the LGBT community. I communicate well with gay people, but I don’t consider myself gay. If I were 100% gay, I would probably behave differently

said the celebrity.

Alexey Zalevsky revealed some details of his past, admitting to a relationship with a man. Source: TSN

Despite this, Zalewski shared his openness to possible changes in the future, leaving open the possibility of meeting someone who could change his idea of ​​himself. He emphasized that he is interested not so much in the physical aspects of gender as in the emotions and feelings evoked by a person.

His words sparked active discussions in Ukrainian society about tolerance and acceptance of diversity in sexual orientations. Many citizens expressed support for Zalevsky for his openness and lack of stereotypes in defining himself.

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