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Prayer for soldiers to Great Martyr George the Victorious

Ukrainians sincerely believe that prayer for soldiers protects Great Martyr St. George the Victorious better than bulletproof vests and helmets. You can pray for the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces anywhere and on any day – you don’t have to go to church to do this. During prayer, it is recommended to be in a quiet place and with yourself, and also to sincerely believe in the result, writes WomanEL.

Great Martyr George Victorious. Source: pinterest.com

Prayer for soldiers to the Great Martyr George the Victorious

Holy, glorious and all-validated Great Martyr George! We bow to you and pray to you — smell our prayers and convey them to the Lord God, do not deprive us of troubles and sorrows, do not deprive us of our blessings without respect.

Bring our Fatherland Ukraine victory over the cruel enemy, save our faith and grant courage and courage there is a Ukrainian army . We ask you, Gregory the Victorious, to destroy the forces of our enemies, to disgrace them, to crush the boasting of their spirit. Don’t let the stench start, so that we may receive Divine help.

Pray to God and the people of the Creator to spare us the torment and give our soldiers the strength to liberate the Ukrainian land from the slaughterhouses, because we are fighting for good on the right — for defending his Fatherland. Glory to the Father, the Son of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We wrote earlier that prayer for Holy Week is an important part of preparation for Easter.

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