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The magic of candles: mastering the ancient art of cleansing and protection

Using long-standing knowledge and traditions, we can influence our destiny, bringing light and positive changes into it. The magic of candles is not only beautiful rituals, but also a deep connection with your own soul and the world around you, writes WomanEL.

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As the country's most famous psychic Elena Kurilova says, candles have been used since ancient times not only as a source of light, but also as a powerful tool in rituals and magical practices. Lighting a candle can symbolize bringing light into our lives, banishing darkness and negativity, and focusing on specific intentions and goals.

The country's most famous psychic is Elena Kurilova. Source: Instagram

To enhance the effect, you can use essential oils or herbs, such as lavender or sage, which have strong cleansing properties,

notes the psychic.

According to Elena, candles can be used to energetically cleanse a space. By lighting a candle, you create a protective field from negative influences.

Meditation with candles

Meditation with candles is one of the most popular practices for stress relief and focus. Candle light helps to focus thoughts and let go of unnecessary things, while attracting positive energy.

Rituals to attract desires

There are many rituals in candle magic to attract desires and achieve goals. It is important to choose the right candle color according to your intentions and define a clear plan of action. The lighting of the candle in the ritual symbolizes sending your desire to the Universe.

The magic of candles. Source: Instagram

Home cleansing ritual with herbs and a sacred candle

The real sorceress Elena Kurilova believes that the energy of the house has a direct impact on our well-being and emotional state. Using herbs such as sage, lavender or rosemary is an old and effective way to clear a space of negative energies.

I want to share with you the wisdom and knowledge about energy cleansing of your home and home using herbs and sacred candles,

says Elena.

To enhance the effect of energy cleansing, a sacred candle should be placed in a container filled with table salt and a mixture of the same herbs discussed earlier. This combination of salt and herbs creates a protective barrier against negative energies in the home.

Walk this container throughout your home, especially paying attention to nooks and crannies. These places are often repositories of energy accumulation. Your focused attention and intention will make the cleansing process more effective. After passing, do not forget to ventilate the room.

According to the psychic, completing this ritual, you will not only cleanse your home, but also provide yourself and your loved ones with protection and positive energy.

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