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Ramina Eskhakzai finally spoke about her new boyfriend

Popular Ukrainian presenter and blogger Ramina Eshakzai, known for her frank interviews, has again become the object of attention of fans. After a divorce from her fiancé, the famous Ukrainian lawyer Yevgeny Pronin, Ramina found new love, writes WomanEL.

In her photo blog, Eshakzai decided to answer fans’ questions regarding her personal life. And the answer turned out to be quite unexpected – his heart is busy. However, she refused to show her new lover, noting that it was too dangerous for him at this time. This answer leaves fans open to speculation.

After the full-scale invasion is completed. As part of security, you can’t (show your boyfriend),

the celebrity wrote.

How Ramina Eshakzai answered pressing questions fans. Source: instagram.com/raminalalala

Ramina explained that she plans to reveal the identity of her new partner only after the end of the war. This statement raised many questions and assumptions, because many fans decided that the celebrity’s chosen one could be a military serviceman.

It should be mentioned that at the beginning of last year, Ramina broke up with Evgeniy Pronin, with whom they had been in a relationship for five years. The exes noted that they maintain respect and support for each other. Moreover, the presenter explained that due to her busy work schedule, she did not have enough time to create new relationships, but it seems that she changed her mind.

By the way, Ramina Eskhakzai recently admitted that she suffers from bulimia .

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