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People Swear This 30-Day Challenge Completely Changed Their Life

If we are told how to change our lives and promise results in 30 days, it begins to seem like this is another “scam” on the Internet. But it’s another matter when we follow the advice of an expert. Dr. Joe Dispenza is an internationally renowned researcher in epigenetics, quantum physics and neuroscience, and a best-selling author. For the past decade, Dr. Dispenza has been a leading teacher of human brain function and how to rewire the mind using scientifically proven neuroscience principles.

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A modern-day wellness pioneer proves that thoughts and emotions create your reality. Want to get started? Give yourself a simple challenge like thousands of TikTok users. WomanEL will tell you about it and its benefits.

How to change your life in 30 days: challenge by Dr. Joe Dispenza

After breaking up, blogger Kristen Such decided to devote herself to Dr. Dispenza's meditations to feel better. She created a 30-day schedule in Apple Notes and listed the things she wanted to accomplish. After 30 straight days, she benefited from much more than just recovering from her grief. In a series of TikTok videos, Sach said meditation has doubled her income, helped her make friends, and improved her mood.

Dr. Dispenza shares four types of meditation (sitting, standing, walking, and lying down) with guidance and audio that… scientifically proven, they rewire the brain. In the video, Such explained that even the specific tone he uses helps you get back to the theta and gamma frequencies, which are the states of the brain when you are reprogramming yourself.

All you need is 15-60 minutes every morning (or evening) and a few different meditations from Dr. Dispenza. Dr. Dispenza's meditations can be purchased on his website or on Amazon.

Several meditations (like this 54-minute walking meditation) can be found for free on YouTube. Although the challenge is initially designed for 30 days in a row, do what feels right to you, whether that means trying it for a week or challenging yourself to 60 days.

How to change your life: why the challenge works?

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You will change your negative thoughts

Dr. Dispenza's meditations work by rearranging negative thoughts, thereby allowing you to rebuild your life. “The way you think and feel shapes your condition,” Dispenza explained on The Ed Mylett Show. Meditations teach you to observe your thoughts, identify which thoughts are self-limiting, and then change them. Dr. Dispenza's research shows that when you practice replacing emotions such as fear, anxiety and pain with heightened emotions of joy, gratitude and love for 10 minutes three times a day, you change your mood, relieve your stress response and train your body to feel yourself safe enough to be in the present.

You visualize what you want

Meditation also uses visualization, which is the key to translating thoughts into reality. Whatever you want – more money, a long-term relationship, happiness – imagine that you already have it, notice the feeling of fulfillment of this desire, hold on to it and apply it. The key to success in the challenge is to do these meditations over and over again to repeat the visualization.

…And then take action< /h3>

Although followers of the challenge promise results in 30 days, it should not be used as a quick or easy solution. The most important part is that you apply the emotions, visualizations and thoughts you experience during meditations into your daily life to take actions that will make your desires come true. Calling Dr. Joe Dispenza is not magic; your income will not automatically double, your health will not automatically recover, and your soulmate will not automatically appear because you sit still for 20 minutes a day.

Your thoughts and beliefs may create your actions, but your actions create reality. Intentional manifestation requires the effort of deprogramming what no longer serves you. For example, meditation may have helped Such to let go of limiting beliefs that were preventing her from making more money, which then allowed her to change her actions and allow her to make more money.

Bottom line: Your thoughts create your reality. Whether it's Dr. Joe Dispenza's 30-Day Challenge or weekly therapy, try to make sure your thoughts are serving you and not holding you back.

If this is too difficult for you yet, start with affirmations! The following will help you improve your financial life.

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