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Realities of the capital: how Kyiv survived 2 years of war

Kiev Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko spoke in his Telegram channel about the realities of life in the capital under conditions of a full-scale invasion, writes WomanEL.

The realities of life in the capital under conditions of a full-scale invasion. Source: kyivcity.gov.ua

Klitschko shared how the city lived and defended itself during these terrible two years. Like every capital during the war, Kiev continues to remain the main target of the enemy, so the city continues to suffer from rocket attacks and suicide attacks.

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Since February 24, 2022, the air raid warning in Kyiv has sounded 989 times. The metro simultaneously accommodated about 70 thousand Kiev residents as a shelter.

About 800 residential buildings, 122 educational institutions, 18 health care institutions and 17 social institutions were damaged. The Kiev rescue service went out 156 times to eliminate the consequences of shelling by the Russian army.

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko. Source: kyivcity.gov.ua

In 2023, DTEK specialists repaired 6 high-voltage substations, 705 distribution and transformer points, 229 circuit breakers and 59 transformers. More than 185 km of routes under power lines were cleared of bushes to reduce the risk of accidents during bad weather.

Emergency teams carried out 1,741 missile and drone attacks by Russians to the sites and provided assistance to 1,034 patients, including 36 children . About 200 civilian residents of Kyiv died, including six children.

Almost 210 thousand internally displaced persons are registered in Kyiv, including about 46 thousand children. The Kiev Humanitarian Headquarters has attracted assistance from more than 150 international partners.

On the wings of hope… Source: kyivcity.gov.ua < p>During this time, 48,267 couples got married, and 6,476 divorced. 36,620 babies were born, among them 18,768 boys and 17,852 girls. Also among the newborns there are 647 twins and six triplets.

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