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Lyudmila Barbir showed her military husband and remembered the first day of the war

WomanEL reports that the host of the program “Snidanok z 1+1” Lyudmila Barbir for the first time showed her husband, who became a military man, and remembered how a full-scale war began for her.

The start of the Russian invasion was unexpected for many Ukrainians and for a TV star too. Barbir woke up from loud explosions and realized that Ukraine was at war. That day she was on the news all the time, trying to understand the situation, but there was only panic around her.

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Two years have passed since the full-scale invasion. A day that changed us and our lives forever,

the TV presenter wrote.

Lyudmila with her husband; son of a TV presenter with his dad. Source: Instagram

Lyudmila and her family decided to take their son to a safe place – to her grandmother in the Carpathians. But she and her husband returned back to Kyiv. Barbir, along with other Snidanku presenters, went live. The presenter’s favorite – he joined the ranks of the Troopers, and subsequently volunteered for the war.

Lyudmila Barbir also added that she could not remember at the level of sensations that past life. Life without loss, pain, numbness, constant tension and anxiety. She forgot what it was like to live as a full-fledged family. In addition, the television star thanked the defenders and defenders for every day who take care of us and bring Ukraine closer to victory.

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