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How Vladimir Zelensky changed during 2 years of war

In the last two years of the war in Ukraine, 46-year-old President Vladimir Zelensky has obviously changed in appearance, writes WomanEL. Until February 24, 2022, Zelensky often smiled and was in a businesslike manner.

However, the day before the full-scale invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine, the presidents of Poland and Lithuania, Andrzej Duda and Gitanas Nauseda, arrived. Later it became known that at this meeting Vladimir told the leaders of neighboring countries that Putin would start a war in the coming hours, TSN reports.

ALEKSEEV sang in Russian in Israel and got into a scandal: the artist’s response Lyudmila Barbir showed her military husband and remembered the first day of the war Vladimir Zelensky. Source: TSN

After this appeal to the Ukrainians, Zelensky began to record every day and create a kind of chronicle of military operations.

The change in the President of Ukraine immediately became noticeable – instead of a business suit and tie, he began wearing a military hoodie style, and three months of stubble and creases with wrinkles appeared on his face. In addition, after the start of the war, Zelensky almost stopped smiling.

Elena Zelenskaya also previously shared how the war changed the character of her beloved.

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