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Sabrina Carpenter sang in a magical look from the Ukrainian brand

American singer Sabrina Carpenter appeared at the Coachella music festival in California wearing a spectacular outfit from the Ukrainian brand FROLOV. Performing on the main stage, the star attracted attention with her bright and unique style, writes WomanEL.

For her performance at the festival, she chose an outfit that consisted of a blue top decorated with heart-shaped crystals and a translucent lace miniskirt. The top also had a special sweetheart cutout on the back, which created an intriguing accent and emphasized the sophistication of the outfit.

Sabrina Carpenter charmed Coachella outfits of the Ukrainian brand FROLOV. Source: bloomsng.tumblr.com

This is the eighth time Sabrina Carpenter has chosen clothes from Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov for her performances. She highly appreciated the creativity and originality of his designs, which add uniqueness to her stage images.


espresso weekend 2 !! @Sabrina Carpenter #coachella #sabrinacarpenter #espresso

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In addition to the first look, Carpenter also performed in a soft pink crystal-embellished corset with a V-neck paired with a miniskirt with a matching wide belt. This look was designed by Ivan Frolov and emphasized the grace and elegance of the singer.

Sabrina Carpenter's performance at Coachella became one of the most anticipated moments of the festival, and the choice of clothing from the Ukrainian brand emphasized the connection between the music scenes of the United States and Ukraine. By the way, Doja Cat recently wore a piquant set from the Ukrainian brand to Coachella.

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