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There will be restrictions: how do they plan to incentivize draft dodgers?

Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska believes that most of the rights provided for by the Constitution can be infringed in wartime – and this is in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. Therefore, restrictions will be introduced for those who do not have a military registration document, says WomanEL.

It is quite possible that without a document, Ukrainians will not be able to receive certain administrative services. According to Malyuska, the Cabinet of Ministers is currently developing changes that will establish a mandatory condition for receiving a number of administrative services for citizens.

There will be restrictions . Source: freepik.com

The government is working to encourage those who doubt the need to fulfill their duties. That is, the state will make sure that everyone is equal before the law. So that those who want to defend the country are not in a worse position than those who do not want to,

Malyuska said.

The minister also added that the state will try to ensure that the law is the same for everyone, and so that everyone follows it. We previously reported that the Ministry of Defense entered all potential conscripts into the electronic system.

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