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Samburskaya had a serious accident

Yesterday night an unpleasant event happened with Ukrainian blogger Tatyana Samburskaya, who was in a car accident. In her blog, Tatyana shared information about the incident that happened to her on the road, writes WomanEL.

The famous blogger admitted that her own car, which she recently purchased, was in an accident. The photo published by Tatyana shows a car wheel flying away as a result of the collision. Fortunately, no one was injured as a result of the incident, there were no other participants in the accident.

In her message, the blogger emphasized that she was in a state of shock from the incident, so she was not yet ready to provide more detailed information about the circumstances of the accident. However, she noted that her life was saved by the car, which turned out to be quite strong.

An unpleasant meeting with fate: a famous Ukrainian The blogger talked about her accident. Source: instagram.com/__samburska

I had an accident. Only my car was damaged; there were no other participants in the accident. My emotional state is not very good, so I’ll come back when I’m back to normal. I'm fine, I don't even have any bruises. Just a big shock. The car is large, strong, and saved us,

the celebrity said.

Tatyana also expressed gratitude to the police and her father for their help in evacuating the car. She especially thanked the woman who stopped to ask if she needed help.

This is another reminder to all road users of the importance of staying safe and paying attention on the road to avoid similar incidents in the future.

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