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Scandal: a domestic brand showed a new embroidered shirt in honor of the Polish army, which killed Ukrainians

Ukrainian ethnic clothing brand “ETNODIM” found itself at the center of a scandal after presenting an embroidered shirt decorated with the symbols of the Home Army, a military group that fought in World War II against Ukrainians, including members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and the civilian population, writes WomanEL.

The presentation of the embroidered shirt, which took place on the brand’s website, amazed the Ukrainian audience, provoking serious indignation among users of social networks. Comments under the company's posts belonged to the category of harsh criticism and demands to remove the corresponding product.

Oleg Slabospitsky, Chairman of the Board of the Heroika Charitable Foundation, expressed surprise and dissatisfaction with this choice of the brand, noting that the symbols of the Regional Army are associated with murder Ukrainians committed during the war.

How the presentation of embroidered shirts provoked a wave of negative reactions among Ukrainians. Source: etnodim.ua

“ETNODIM” presented an embroidered shirt… in honor of the Polish Home Army. Are you crazy there?

written in the message.

The response to the criticism was not long in coming and Internet users actively began to protest, turning to the company management with a demand to take action. After a discussion on social networks, ETNODIM announced the termination of the sale of embroidered shirts with Polish symbols.

We would like to remind you that the collection, which included scandalous clothing, was a joint project of the ETNODIM brand and the military of the international legion under the Main Intelligence Directorate Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The organizers intend to donate all proceeds from the sale of this collection to support the military.

By the way, the Ukrainian brand, together with Adidas, recently presented a joint clothing collection.

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