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Slava's son Demin is accused of shoplifting: father's reaction

Ukrainian presenter and blogger Slava Demin came to the center of media attention due to an unexpected incident that occurred with his 13-year-old son Vladislav, writes WomanEL.

According to Slava himself, his son accidentally found himself in a situation in which he had to conflict with a store security guard. It turned out that the teenager paid with a card for purchased groceries before school. Hearing the sound of payment, which seemed to him to be confirmation that the operation was a success, Vladislav was about to leave the store with his purchases. However, the security guard, noticing the payment deviation, stopped the guy and called his father Slava Demin on the phone.

Today before school he (the presenter’s son) went into the store, bought 145 UAH, went to the self-service checkout, put his phone to the terminal and didn’t have enough money (I received a message on my phone about this and I thought that now what then he will put aside the excess and pay a smaller amount again). But he did not see this message on the terminal and did not wait for the check. He began to put his purchases in his backpack and left. The security guard stopped and called me. Vlad says that he heard the “peak” and took it for payment. Now he will know that before leaving, he needs to wait until the payment is successful, wrote the star father.

The son of Slava Demin aroused the curiosity of the media after trouble in the store. Source: slavademin_official/Instagram

It turned out that the celebrity’s son’s card did not have enough funds to pay the entire amount, and he did not notice a message about this on the terminal. Slava Demin emphasized that this incident became an important life lesson for their son, thanks to which they can learn important lessons about being attentive to finances.

By the way, Slava Demin recently appeared with bright makeup.

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