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Vitaly Kozlovsky showed his wife and newborn baby for the first time in a tender photoset

Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky surprised his fans with the warmest news. For the first time, he shared family photos with his beloved and their newborn son Oscar, writes WomanEL.

These amazing moments of joy and happiness are reflected on Kozlovsky’s Instagram page. In the pictures you can see how his parents proudly hold Oscar, tenderly hugging and kissing him.

Unusually, the artist did not limit himself to simply demonstrating his paternity; he decided to share his thoughts on the importance of partner childbirth. Noting that he initially doubted his decision to be present during the birth of a child, Vitaly spoke openly about his own experience and encouraged men not to be afraid of this important stage in life.

Vitaly Kozlovsky remembered the first meeting with his son and inspired other men to have partner births. Source: instagram.com/vkozlovsky_music

Partner births. Honestly, I hesitated whether to attend. There was fear. But now I think the decision to be together at such a moment is correct. I saw with my own eyes how my son was born. I was the first to pick him up and cut the umbilical cord. I will never forget that sound and the excitement of cutting it off from something living. This is a huge support for the wife at such an emotional and difficult moment, this is what makes trust even greater, and relationships and respect for each other even stronger. I run up to the crib, see the baby and finally realize – this is not a dream! We became parents,

the artist emphasized.

In addition, Vitaly shared his first emotions from fatherhood, admitting that this is the greatest happiness he has ever experienced. For Kozlovsky, these general photos not only indicate the joyful side of life, but also a way to inspire and support other men in their parental duties and responsibilities.

By the way, Vitaly Kozlovsky recently showed himself in military uniform and with weapons.

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