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Strange traditions for March 8: how they celebrate unconventionally in different countries of the world

March 8 is a day dedicated to women, femininity, female strength and struggle, which is celebrated in many countries around the world. However, the way it is carried out may vary significantly depending on cultural and historical circumstances. Today WomanEL offers to consider some unusual traditions for us that have arisen in different parts of the world in connection with this holiday.

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In Japan, March 14 is celebrated as “White Day”. This is the day when men who receive a gift from women on Valentine's Day should return the favor with a matching gift. Traditionally, this gift is a white candy or any other white object.


In Italy, Women's Day is often celebrated not only as a holiday, but also as a time for protests and actions for human rights and gender equality. Women organize rallies, demonstrations and discussions on topics related to their rights.

In addition, in Italy, men are not allowed into the company of women so that they can celebrate their day. Girls come to cafes and bars where they drink cocktails, and then visit strip bars, where admission is free for them. Italian women love to gather in large groups and have fun.

Beyond the usual: interesting ideas for celebrating March 8 abroad. Source: pinterest.cl/nicolecebann

In general, in Europe it is a certain tradition to organize parades and active initiatives on International Women's Day. This is how women remember their struggle, thank the first feminists and support each other.


In certain parts of India, March 8th is celebrated as Holly. It is a spring festival that is celebrated by marching through the streets and throwing colored paints on each other, symbolizing purification and a new beginning. Ladies participate in this ritual, marking themselves with courage and inner strength. By the way, other countries have also borrowed this festival.

Beyond the ordinary: interesting ideas for celebrating March 8 abroad. Source: Medium


In Germany, this holiday is not so popular, and a day off is not declared on this day. Previously, when the country was divided, the Eastern part congratulated the women, and the Western part did not even know about it. Today, some media mention it, but women are usually congratulated in May.


In Greece, to celebrate “Babos”, women use their temporary power by dousing men with water to mark their day. The Babos holiday in Greece is a traditional women's holiday. In ancient times, it was even used to call the most respected woman in a city or village.


The Vietnamese take this holiday seriously. Even two thousand years ago, they honored the Ching sisters, who courageously defended their homeland. Today this celebration falls on March 8.


Lithuanians consider March 8th to celebrate the arrival of spring and associate it with love and women. However, opinions regarding the celebration on this day vary: from positive to indifferent. Some perceive it as a Soviet atavism, others as a symbol of spring.

Beyond the usual: interesting ideas for celebrating March 8 abroad. Source: Just some facts


In France, “International Women’s Day” is not popular. It is celebrated by communists and “leftists”. Women are welcomed in May on Mother's Day. For young girls, this holiday also does not have much significance.


In Poland, March 8 is a day when a day off is not declared, but men do not forget to congratulate women on the holiday. Instantly selling spring flowers appear at flower markets. Some consider this holiday to be communist, but rarely anyone notices this. It is not customary to give expensive gifts.


In Bulgaria, March 8 is a working day. Men congratulate their wives and female colleagues at work. Some consider this holiday a remnant of Soviet times, others appreciate it.

Women's protests for the right to abortion. Source: socialistsanddemocrats.eu


In Romania, on March 1, even before Women's Day, men give their loved ones a mimosa – a symbol of spring. And International Women's Day is celebrated at the same time as Mother's Day.

These traditions, illustrating the diversity and richness of the cultural heritage of different countries, show that although March 8 is a worldwide holiday, the way it is celebrated can differ significantly in each culture. By the way, we recently told you about the details of Women's Day in Ukraine.

Our team congratulates you on March 8, beautiful ladies. Stay awesome and don't forget the strength within you.

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