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The Ukrainian appeared as the Steel Lady at Miss World

Ukrainian model Sofia Shamia is preparing to surprise the world at the Miss World 2024 international beauty contest, which will take place on March 9 in India. Her main evening dress, which she will present at this event, was created by the famous Ukrainian designer Andrey Anikeev and is called “Steel Lady,” writes WomanEL.

This striking dress is striking in its symbolism, inspired by the Motherland monument and its recent reconstruction. The organizing committee of the competition expressed that the image of the “Steel Lady” should recreate the indestructible spirit of the Ukrainian people, similar to steel.

The main accent of the dress is the corset, symbolizing the solidity of the “Motherland” statue and its brilliance. The dress's decor, made of Swarovski crystals and glitter, recalls the visual effect of chain mail, but with an unexpected transformation – the removal of armor. This opens up a new, fragile and sophisticated side of the image to the audience.

The image of the Steel Lady Sofia Shami reflects the strength, dignity and elegance of the Ukrainian women. Source: instagram.com/miss_ukraine_official

The organizers of “Miss Ukraine” emphasized that the image of the “Steel Lady” embodies important symbols of the national identity of Ukraine and recalls important historical events for the country.

Presentation of this unique evening dress at Miss World 2024 promises to be one of the brightest moments at the competition, where Ukraine has every chance to draw attention to its culture and the talent of domestic designers. By the way, recently Sofia Shamia also showed a gentle patriotic image.

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