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The family is grieving: Olga Freimut shared the sad news

Ukrainian presenter Olga Freimut was struck by deep grief, which was unexpected in her family, writes WomanEL. The famous presenter announced the irreparable loss in Instagram stories.

In the message, she revealed that her grandfather Nikolai left this world. The image accompanying her news emphasizes the presenter's personal connection with the deceased. A photo taken in 2019 for the pages of Harpers Bazaar magazine shows Olga Freimut along with her relative in an embroidered patriotic shirt and Ukrainian traditional outfit.

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Grandfather Nikolai. Today he passed away,

the celebrity expressed her grief.

Olga Freimut announced the death of her close grandfather. Source: instagram.com/freimutolia

This photo shoot is striking in its authenticity, showing the presenter and her grandfather in an image that celebrates cultural heritage and family traditions. The star’s family has always demonstrated their love for Ukraine and patriotism. Olga Freimut and her grandfather became symbols of unity and generations, and their common photograph will remain an immortal memory of this difficult period for the presenter.

At this sad and painful moment, Olga Freimut’s fans provide her with words of support and warm wishes, providing help in difficulties.

By the way, recently Olga Freimut stood up for her daughter and called her a subscriber.

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