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The most popular vegetable is becoming cheaper in Ukraine: the reason

Ukrainian farmers are facing difficulties in the potato market, as prices for this popular vegetable have been falling rapidly for the second week. Analysts of the EastFruit project report this, writes WomanEL. 

The reason for this phenomenon was a significant increase in the supply of potatoes on the market. Farmers who had previously refrained from selling their produce in the hope of rising prices have now begun to actively sell off their stocks. They made this decision due to a decrease in demand and deterioration in product quality.

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Sales of potatoes in Ukraine have fallen noticeably over the past few days, but lower prices do not change the situation for the better. Farmers note that they are ready to sell high-quality potatoes for 14-20 hryvnia per kilogram ($0.37-0.52/kg), which is on average 12% cheaper than a week earlier. Nevertheless, buyer interest remains very low.

Ukrainian farmers do not exclude the possibility of further reduction in the price of potatoes in this market segment, since the situation with supply and demand has not yet improved. More information about the dynamics of potato prices is expected next week.

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