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The song “Kievlanka” in Ukrainian: Garik Krichevsky translated his hit of the 90s

60-year-old Ukrainian singer Garik Krichevsky decided to please his listeners with a special composition, reports WomanEL. The artist took on the task of translating his legendary hit “Kievlyanka” into Ukrainian. The poet and friend of the performer Evgeny Rybchinsky wrote about this on Facebook, revealing some details of this unexpected musical work.

Two months ago he called and said: “I’m translating all my songs in Ukrainian.” I say: “Wonderful!” And he: “Can you help, because the rhyme doesn’t work.” And so I translated “Kiyanochka” and now Garik will have a real Ukrainian hit,

The Hardkiss commented on Yulia Sanina's divorce The fascinating world of New Year's traditions with MASHA DANILOVA: a fur coat, mimosa and large-scale plans were shared on the social network by Rybchinsky.

It is expected that the translation of the song will receive a new vital tone, preserving the unique style and charisma that are characteristic of the works of Garik Krichevsky. It is worth noting that artists’ attempts to translate their own works can be a particularly interesting challenge, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in a new musical dimension of their favorite composition.

By the way, the artist is now in Germany, where he is being treated and restoring his health after a micro-infarction .

We also remind you that Nikita Kiselev recently covered Tina Karol’s hit in Ukrainian.

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