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TikTok Fitness Myths You Should Stop Believing Immediately

It's no secret that exercise is good for your health. But don't blindly follow any fitness tips from TikTok bloggers. In fact, according to personal trainer Maiken Brustad, many of the so-called “facts” posted under the FitTok tag are completely wrong. Want to bust some fitness myths? You have come to the right place.

Content Fitness Myths: No Pain, No GainSquat Real Deep to See ResultsFitness Myths: Monthly Challenges Will Improve Your FitnessYou Can Shrink Your Belly by Dancing

WomanEL lists you a few fitness myths on TikTok that you shouldn't believe. And remember: it is much better to work with a personal trainer or ask for advice from a trusted friend or family member who you know has experience in sports or fitness than to trust bloggers who have no background in fitness.

Fitness Myths: No Pain, No Gain

This myth has spread far beyond TikTok. Excessive exercise and overtraining can take a toll in a variety of ways, affecting everything from your enthusiasm to your ability to train properly. Pushing yourself to the limit can even lead to injury, which can have long-term effects on your fitness goals.

Simply put, severe discomfort should never be a prerequisite for fitness progress. While it is true that challenging workouts are an integral part of improving your overall fitness, they must be balanced with adequate rest and recovery.

Squat really deeply to see results

The classic squat is considered a powerful exercise, and you don't need to go down into it's too deep, Source: freepik.com

Squats are a widely recommended exercise. TikTok is rife with many squat trends, including the “Madonna squat” and the “1000 squats a day” challenge. They encourage you to truly challenge your body, using different joints and muscles to ignite your quads, calves, hamstrings and core.

This burn can feel good, but it's a safe move that doesn't involve going too low , best prevents injury. Focus less on viral squats, which are nearly impossible for the average person, and more on getting strong enough to do regular squats.

Fitness Myths: Monthly Challenges Will Improve Your Fitness

These monthly challenges are absolutely everywhere. You can't escape scrolling through TikTok without coming across an influencer asking you to join a 30-day total body transformation challenge. Maybe it's doing hundreds of squats a day, doing kettlebell exercises, or adding minutes to your run for a month.

While you do want to increase your endurance by making your workouts more challenging, you don't want to overdo it or you risk burning out or getting injured. Each person has individual needs based on genetics, medical history including injury history, and body type. This means that engaging in potentially unsafe activities can put you at significant risk, especially if you haven't done it before.

Many of these tasks involve constant training throughout the month, which also means you have no there will be no interruptions. The best workout regimens include at least a couple of days of rest so you don't overdo it and damage your muscles.

You can reduce belly fat by dancing

If you love to dance, you should continue to dance for the sake of your health and overall well-being. But don't focus strictly on the TikTok “weight loss dance” because it simply won't produce the results you're hoping to see.

It became a trend when one TikTok user posted a video of herself doing the now-viral dance , which supposedly burns fat and helps you lose weight quickly. Although the user claims to be a fitness instructor, she does not have any credentials or other notable details that would lend credibility to the dance claim.

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements that offer us unrealistic expectations, “fast solutions” and simple solutions.  And, unfortunately, this is one example of this.

If you decide to take up running, we know how to make it easier. You will be surprised, but this is connected with our thinking!

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