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Tina Karol named the secrets of her ideal body and skin

Ukrainian star Tina Karol decided to reveal the secret of her slimness and share self-care with her fans. In her own blog, the singer talked about her approach to nutrition and her daily routine, which helps her stay in shape. At the same time, she admitted that the previous restrictions with food are no longer part of her self-care plan, writes WomanEL.

She was on diets for 20 years. Everything is marketing… Anything is possible at lunch! Namely from 13 to 15 hours. In the morning – proteins, in the evening – vegetables,

Tina revealed the secret of her dietary system.

Tina Karol reveals how preserves youth and beauty. Source: instagram.com/tina_karol

Karol also revealed the secret of her facial skin care. She emphasized the importance of proper rest, avoiding bad habits and saturating the skin with vitamin C. The singer also uses creams to keep her skin fresh and youthful.

Tina did not forget to remember that the key factor in maintaining her attractive appearance is being in love, emphasizing the importance of positive emotions and love in her life.

Tina Karol reveals how she maintains youth and beauty. Source: instagram.com/tina_karol

At the end of the conversation with fans, Tina answered a question about her personal life, leaving open the question of her relationship. She explained that her entire soul is now immersed in music, making it clear that her current devotion lies with the arts. But subscribers still suspect Karol of a new romance and are waiting for confirmation of this.

By the way, Tina Karol recently appeared on stage for the first time without makeup and touched the audience.

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