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Transformation of Victoria Beckham's teeth: the secrets of the star's attractive smile

Victoria Beckham is known for rarely smiling, and she even coined the slogan “fashion stole my smile,” but in a strange way, she flashes us a smile, she has a magnificent set of perfectly aligned teeth. However, this was not always the case. According to leading industry professionals, the 48-year-old woman underwent extensive dental work to achieve an enviable smile, writes WomanEL, citing a Hello source.

As one of the most famous women on the planet, it's only natural that many would be fascinated by Victoria's transformation over the years in the public eye.

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Dr. Sahil Patel, a cosmetic dentist, has assessed the fashion designer’s Hollywood smile for many years:

Victoria's teeth were in better condition throughout her life than most people! Cosmetically, as a teenager she had a narrow smile and a smaller lower jaw, which caused her front and back teeth to angle incorrectly. This appears as a small or narrow smile that does not show many teeth compared to the typical American smile. She appears to have had porcelain veneers placed on ten top teeth and possibly ten bottom teeth to improve the alignment, width and color of her smile. The tops of her teeth are not yet fully corrected, but the ceramic has been corrected. Everything is created in such a way as to balance the width of the smile, even if the teeth are not in an ideal position.

Before a smile change, a star has what we call a “deep bite,” which is when your top teeth overlap your bottom teeth more than usual. Her teeth were also retroclined, meaning they were slanted inward. Victoria was also missing cheek corridors before she had her smile redone. Buccal corridors — this is when you show eight to ten teeth while smiling for a wide, attractive smile. When Beckham smiled, everything was focused on the front teeth, and the back teeth were not so noticeable.

Victoria Beckham in 1997 . Source: Hello.

If Victoria's perfect smile in 2021 is compared to photos of the star from her Spice Girls days, an expert says she probably had porcelain veneers.

The dentist also explained that the beauty's new teeth are key to maintaining her age-appropriate appearance: She has a long upper lip that measures from the base of her nose to the top of her lip.

Victoria Beckham in 2001. Source: Hello.

As we age, this area becomes longer, which can make us look older. Larger teeth provide more support for lips to make them appear lifted, fuller and younger.

Victoria Beckham smiles in 2021. Source: Hello.

Now Victoria has fuller cheek corridors and the length of her teeth has changed. Some people try to achieve this with orthodontic treatment such as braces, but since the shape and color of Beckham's teeth have changed, we see that she has gotten veneers as this cannot be achieved with braces and whitening alone.

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