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Two years of full-scale war: humanitarian crisis and consequences

February 24, 2024 is the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. These two years were full of untold suffering and destruction that changed the lives of millions of Ukrainians.

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The war has led to tragic humanitarian consequences, leaving an incurable mark on society. Thousands of civilians, including children, became victims, injured or killed. Cities were destroyed and human habitats were massively destroyed. Today WomanEL will consider the humanitarian consequences of a full-scale invasion.

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Displacement Crisis

< p>Millions of people were forced to seek refuge far from their homes during the war. The outbreak of war brought with it a massive displacement crisis the likes of which had not been seen in recent history. In the first months of the invasion, about 8 million people became internally displaced in Ukraine. Although a number of people have returned home, millions continue to flee their homes to avoid the fighting.

Two years: humanitarian consequences in Ukraine against the backdrop of war. Source: epravda

Need in humanitarian aid

In just a few weeks since the start of the war, the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance has risen from less than 3 million to almost 18 million. Even today, a significant portion of the population is in dire need of humanitarian relief, including food, water, medical supplies and shelter.

Two years: humanitarian consequences in Ukraine against the backdrop of war. Source: kharkiv.comments.ua

Deterioration of medical services and dire situation with water and electricity

As a result of a full-scale war, medical facilities, staff and patients were seriously damaged. Hospitals came under fire and attacks precisely at the moment when the wounded needed them most.

The war also caused damage to water supplies. Millions of people in Ukraine daily experience problems with access to clean drinking water and are forced to use dangerous water supplies. The situation has especially worsened in frontline towns, where there has been no water supply since the start of the invasion. Donetsk, under the control of the Russian military since 2014, faced these problems even earlier.

The energy crisis caused by attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure since October 2022 has added another dimension to the humanitarian catastrophe. The lack of electricity has led to the shutdown of hospitals, the lack of water supply and the deprivation of heating in residential buildings in winter. This also changed the daily life of all citizens who were forced to remain without electricity for a long time.

Two years: humanitarian consequences in Ukraine against the backdrop of war. Source: Anadolu Agency

Psychological traumas of the population: violence, depression, mobilization

The war left a deep mark on the mental health of the people of Ukraine. According to the World Health Organization, almost 10 million people in the country have suffered from stress, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Families are torn apart, and every Ukrainian has relatives or acquaintances who have become victims of war. Cities, houses, hospitals and even playgrounds came under fire and attacks. War-related sexual violence was another horrific aspect of Russia's attack. The victims were predominantly women and girls, as well as men, held captive by Russian forces.

It is also difficult for Ukrainian men to live in war conditions, in particular due to mobilization, which limits their freedom of movement and safety.

Economy and Agriculture

The war severely damaged agriculture throughout Ukraine, with major consequences both domestically and internationally. Thousands of farmers have been left without income, and every third family has difficulty accessing food. Over the course of two years, fighting destroyed fertile fields and crops, leading to a severe decline in agricultural output. This happened against the backdrop of the closure of Ukrainian ports, which lasted more than six months until August 2022.

It is necessary to clear the territories to restore agricultural work, as well as ensure the operation of ports to avoid interruptions in the supply of grain.

< img src="/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/2d4bce3e79c3730c148636ac8b188487.png" />Two years: humanitarian consequences in Ukraine against the backdrop of war. Source: ales_kartal

These years of war in Ukraine brought a number of trials to the people, but they also showed strength of spirit, solidarity and the will to survive. Despite unprecedented difficulties, Ukrainians continue to fight for their rights and dignity, hoping for a better future for their country.

By the way, it recently became known that Ukrainians were banned from entering Britain.

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