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Ukrainians are being sold fake dollars: how to avoid it

Recently in Ukraine there has been a widespread proliferation of counterfeit dollars that can be bought via the Internet. Fraudsters open underground exchange points, massively distributing counterfeit banknotes among the population, writes WomanEL.

Now fakes can be purchased not only through the Darknet, but also through Telegram channels, where hundreds of “online stores” with false currencies operate. Payment is made through a crypto wallet, and delivery can be made by mail or through special couriers. Sellers even offer detailed instructions for selling counterfeit dollars and sets with cards.

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It is noted that the quality of counterfeit bills is so high that it is difficult to distinguish from real ones. However, fakes can be noticed in exchangers or banks, which can cause serious problems for those who try to use them in everyday life. Unfortunately, even official exchangers are not always safe, as in the past there have been cases where counterfeit banknotes entered businesses under the guise of real ones.

Warning: the number of counterfeit dollars in the hands of Ukrainians is growing. Source: peacecommission

The best way to avoid falling for scammers is to use the services of official banks or exchangers, checking their legality and reliability in advance. This can be done on the NBU website using the link. It should be remembered that it is almost impossible to independently verify the authenticity of banknotes, so it is important to trust specialists and use currency from reliable sources. It is safer to buy currency at a “less favorable rate” than a counterfeit one.

By the way, today, February 24, we recalled the humanitarian crisis and its consequences in Ukraine after two years of full-scale war.

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