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Until February 24: Okean Elzy presented a new track for the first time in 2 years

The Ukrainian group Okean Elzy again became the center of attention of the music world, presenting their first solo composition in the last two years. Their new song “Answer” fell into the hearts of listeners from the first listen, writes WomanEL.

This emotional and dramatic composition was released against the backdrop of the second anniversary of the full-scale war. The leader of the group, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, emphasized that this is a special song for him, which he presents with special feelings. “The Answer” is a song about pain, memory and gratitude. It reflects the difficult and long path to victory and asks a question to which everyone can find the answer in their heart.

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Traditionally, the words and music were written by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk himself, and the Ukrainian Radio Choir and Orchestra under the direction of Milos Jelic took part in the recording of the song. The video clip for the composition was directed by Max Smetana. The video was made at the Ukrainian Radio Recording House in the capital of Ukraine.

Emotional composition The answer from Okean Elzy causes a wave of emotions among fans. Source: YouTube/Okean Elzy

I put into the words of this song the experiences, all the emotions that I have experienced over the past two years after the start of a full-scale war. We will walk this difficult path with dignity and pride and will definitely win. Svyatoslav admitted about pain and memory, about lifelong gratitude, about the difficult and long path to Victory.

Vakarchuk called for open communication and expression of emotions. He is convinced that, together with their audience, they can make difficult times easier. They say that Okean Elzy plans to release an album this year for its 30th anniversary, in October, promising to become another important event for fans of their work.

By the way, we recently reported that the appeal of the deceased military to his son became the song of a famous group.

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