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Lyuty: Sergey Babkin presented a new album

45-year-old Ukrainian singer Sergei Babkin has released a new music record called “Lyuty,” reports WomanEL. The artist’s first full-length album in the last 5 years includes 12 tracks, including “Neprobivna”, “About Days” and “Magic”, released in 2023, as well as nine new songs.

“LUTIUS” — over the past two years, this word has acquired new meanings for us and has become a symbol of resistance. It clearly describes the internal state of every Ukrainian. The new album also contains bright songs, full of hope for victory, faith in one’s strength and love for life,

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The compositions are varied, reflecting the whole range of human feelings and emotions, from deep inner truth to reaction to incredible pressure from the outside. Babkin shared that he wanted to create the album as a face-to-face conversation with himself.

In addition, the singer admitted that the album cover was made spontaneously and with his own hand.

I made it while walking one winter evening with my son. I put my head on a snow pillow and took a photo with my phone. What came out of this amazed me.

Recall that Sergei Babkin last released a full-length album in 2018 “Musasphere”, and also in 2022 there was an EP “Dali mi sami”.

By the way, the singer previously presented an acoustic version of the song “Neprobivna”.

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