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Vocal lessons from Artem Kondratyuk: art therapy for soul and body

Healing through art is a relatively new phenomenon. Art therapy is a modern way to prevent emotional stress and negativity. The star of the Ukrainian stage, author and performer Artem Kondratyuk successfully practices vocal lessons to support physical and mental health, writes WomanEL.

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According to Artem, vocals are not only a musical skill, but also real art therapy for a person. The artist told how singing affects the emotional state, well-being and development.

Star of the Ukrainian stage, author and performer Artem Kondratyuk. Source: Instagram

Physical health

Emotional state

During singing, endorphin is produced – the hormone of happiness. It lifts our spirits, makes us joyful and helps us overcome stress.


Vocal allows us to learn proper breathing. This ensures good ventilation of the lungs, reduces blood stagnation in the vessels and saturates it with oxygen. Regular singing also improves the condition of the skin, activates the process of cell regeneration and increases its elasticity.

Massage of internal organs

Vocal is a unique self-massage of internal organs. While singing, the diaphragm massages the liver, improves the functioning of the abdominal cavity and intestines.

Art therapy for soul and body by Artem Kondratyuk. Source: Instagram

Personality development


Vocals allow us to express our feelings, emotions and feelings through music. This promotes creativity and self-awareness.


Regular vocal lessons require us to systematically practice and improve. This develops our self-discipline and endurance.

Social aspect

Communication with like-minded people and general musical activities contribute to the formation of social skills.

Vocal lessons from Artem Kondratyuk. Source: Instagram

So, let your voice sound like the melody of life, and let your vocals sound like art therapy for your soul and body! Sing your favorite songs with pleasure,

the singer noted.

Vocal lessons in our time can be conducted remotely from anywhere in the world. And Artyom Kondratyuk has been successfully practicing this for a long time. Contact us…

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