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What Ruslana’s mother looks like: the singer shared a rare shot

50-year-old Ukrainian singer Ruslana delighted her Instagram followers with a rare photo in which she posed with her mother, Nina Arkadovna Lyzhichko. The artist shared a bright moment on the social network and expressed her warmest congratulations to her mother on her birthday, reports WomanEL.

My Mami! There, in childhood, our dreams with you appeared. Dreams that have not yet come true, but will definitely come true. I wish you the Greatest, Greatest Happiness, because you are Happiness. The happiness of my whole life. I live by You every day, every second,

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On the photo shows how Ruslana and her mother look happy, causing only positive emotions among fans. Under this post, the star received many pleasant comments from fans who joined in congratulating Nina Arkadovna. In addition, they noted how beautiful both of them are.

By the way, the performer’s family publication is an excellent reminder for others not to forget about their relatives.

Remember, Ruslana recently for the first time in a long time released the video “Lirnitsa”.

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