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World-famous actor hospitalized due to heart attack symptoms

Outstanding 41-year-old actor Jamie Dornan, known for his role in the TV series Fifty Shades of Gray, and his companion, journalist Gordon Smart, encountered sudden health problems during a recent holiday in Portugal, reports WomanEL with reference to the source Geo.tv.

Men felt symptoms similar to a heart attack after accidentally playing golf, resulting in — numbness in different parts of the body. Initial fears pointed to a potential heart attack, particularly for Smart who, as the son of a GP, was keenly aware of the signs. However, it soon became clear that their suffering was not of the heart, but was caused by an encounter with toxic caterpillars on the golf course.

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While playing golf, Gordon and Jamie unknowingly came across a species of caterpillars known as woolly processional caterpillars. These creatures are notorious for their toxicity and cause severe reactions in humans and animals, even causing the death of dogs and causing heart attack symptoms in humans. Caterpillars are equipped with tiny hairs containing an irritating protein that can cause allergic reactions, irritation of the skin, eyes and throat, and in some cases — heart attacks.

The two men, who were caught off guard by the sudden symptoms, were immediately taken to hospital for medical attention. The initial diagnosis was a heart attack, but after recovery, their symptoms were found to be caused by exposure to toxic caterpillars. Dornan and Smart, who initially attributed their discomfort to caffeine and alcohol, soon learned of their unexpected encounter with these dangerous creatures.

Toxic caterpillars. Source: Znaj. ua

After treatment and recovery, doctors informed Dornan and Smart that toxic caterpillars were the likely cause of their symptoms. Reflecting on their experience, they acknowledged the fact that they were lucky to avoid a potentially fatal encounter with dangerous creatures. Today, both men are fully recovered and back on their feet, their horrific experiences serving as a stark reminder of the unexpected dangers that lurk in the most innocuous places.

Dornan was previously reported to be the face of a fashion brand.

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