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Historical success: the Ukrainian women's foil fencing team won a World Cup medal

ByИван Дунаев

May 6, 2024

Historic success: the Ukrainian women's foil fencing team won a World Cup medal

Ukrainian foil fencers won “bronze” at competitions in Hong Kong.

Ukrainian women's fencing team on foil rose to the podium at the Cup stage peace in Hong Kong. In the team competition of foil fencers, Ukrainian women won bronze.

The Ukrainian team at the tournament was represented by Alina Polozyuk, Olga Sopit, Ekaterina Budenko and Daria Mironyuk .

The Blue-Yellows received the 12th seed and began the competition from the 1/8 finals. The Ukrainians defeated Canada (45:32) and Austria (36:28), and lost to Italy (32:45) in the semi-finals.

Consequently, the Ukrainian foil fencers ended up in a clash for “bronze”, where they defeated representatives of the South Korea (34:31). During the match, the Ukrainians lost by five hits (11:16), but managed to make a comeback and win a medal.

For the Ukrainian women's team, this is the first ever team medal at the World Cup in foil fencing. Prior to this, the best result of Ukrainian foil fencers at the World Cup level was sixth place in February 2024 in Egypt.

We would like to add that at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, the Ukrainian national team will be represented by two women's teams – in saber and epee. They received quotas according to the world ranking.

It was previously reported that Russian and Belarusian fencers will not be at the 2024 Olympics.


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