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New checkpoints are being deployed in the Kyiv region and public places will be checked

 В Киевской области разворачивают новые блокпосты и будут проверять общественные места

Photo: new checkpoints are being deployed in the Kyiv region (Getty Images) Author: Natalya Yurchenko

Police and military are intensifying checks in public places in the Kyiv region. Additional checkpoints are being deployed in the region.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Kyiv OVA on Telegram.

In Kievskaya, from December 28, 2023 to January 6, 2024, counter-sabotage and security measures are being strengthened. This decision was made at the regional defense council.

They will involve employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, police, National Guard and soldiers of the 114th separate terrorist defense brigade.

There will be more checkpoints in the Kyiv region. The police and military will check public places: shopping centers, supermarkets, train stations, medical institutions.

“Such work will also contribute to search measures. According to the police, more than 11 thousand people are wanted due to criminal and administrative offenses,” explains OVA.

The Kiev OVA calls for understanding regarding security measures and possible traffic stops at checkpoints. You must have identification documents with you.

Inspections in Kyiv

Let us remind you that similar security measures that were announced in the Kyiv region were previously carried out in the capital. Thus, from December 25 to 28 in Kyiv, the military and police conducted security training.

In particular, roadblocks and engineering barriers were set up in the capital, cars, documents, etc. were checked.

However, the Kyiv City Military Administration noted that they were not informed of cases when summonses were issued at temporary checkpoints.

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