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Ukrainian hackers attacked Rosvodokanal and obtained its data, sources

 Украинские хакеры атаковали

Illustrative photo: The SBU probably helped hackers destroy the IT infrastructure of Rosvodokanal (ssu gov ua) Author: Vladimir Kostyrin, Yulia Akimova

Ukrainian hackers, probably with the support of the Security Service, decided to take revenge for the recent cyber attack on Kyivstar and destroyed the IT infrastructure of the Russian company Rosvodokanal.

RBC-Ukraine reports this with reference to its own sources.

The powerful cyber operation was carried out by hackers from the BLACKJACK group, and it was probably carried out with the support of SBU specialists.

The publication’s sources also note that “revenge for Kyivstar has begun.”

During the cyber attack, hackers managed to:

  • gain access to a large number of documents,
  • encrypt more than 6 thousand computers,
  • delete more than 50 terabytes (TB) of data, in particular internal document flow, corporate email, cyber protection services, backups, etc.

After such an attack, the work of Rosvodokanal was blocked.

The publication’s sources also note that SBU experts are already analyzing 1.5 TB of downloaded data from Rosvodokanal .

Let us recall that Rosvodokanal is the largest Russian private company (part of the Alfa Group, headquartered in Moscow). The company supplied water to 7 million consumers.

Not the first such cyber operation

Let us note that at the end of November, RBC-Ukraine, citing sources, wrote about the hacking of the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation by Ukrainian hackers of the BLACKJACK group with the help of the SBU. A large amount of classified information was downloaded from there.

Let us note that the information received concerns the temporarily occupied regions in the Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions, as well as their current “leadership”.

Cyber attack on Kyivstar

Let us remind you that a large-scale failure in the work of the telecommunications company Kyivstar occurred on December 12, and according to official data, the network was attacked by hackers associated with the Russian Federation. Because of this, a case was opened under eight articles.

During the outage, subscribers complained about a lack of communication and problems with the operation of the operator’s website, as well as the mobile application; there was no Internet.

As stated by British intelligence, a cyber attack on a mobile operator could become the largest hacker undertaking since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

You can find out more about the failure at Kyivstar in the RBC-Ukraine article.

Also earlier, the SBU reported that Ukrainian cyber specialists prevented Russian intelligence services from gaining access to the electronic system for planning operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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