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At the “Indestructible” center they restore sight to a military man using their own method


Apr 8, 2024

Photo Military Maxim Tristan from the Poltava region lost his sight while rescuing his wounded brothers. To restore the defender's sight, at the National Rehabilitation Center (UNBROKEN) ophthalmologists carried out their own technique – suture support for the lens.

UNBROKEN Ukraine reports this on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

“I damaged my vision when I desperately tried to pull my wounded brothers out from under heavy enemy fire. To partially restore the defender’s vision, ophthalmologists of the National Rehabilitation Center “Indestructible” used their own method of intervention on the lens,” the report says.

It is noted that 42-year-old Tristan from the village of Bondari, Poltava region, is the father of three children, therefore, he had every legal reason not to serve in the army. However, it was for the sake of his children that he joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine voluntarily.

Tristan fought as part of the 17th separate tank brigade named after Konstantin Pestushka – as an infantryman. He was wounded in the Bakhmut direction at the end of December. Then it was necessary to take the wounded and dead from the battlefield.

Maxim's group came under fire. The guys lay down on the ground and crawled. Tristan touched a mine with his hand. He says that he felt that there was blood all over his face. Didn't see anything.

“It was scary. I was afraid of running into another mine. To understand where to crawl, I listened to my brother. He guided me and I managed to get to a safe zone, where I received help,” adds the defender.

>Maxim had two fingers on his left hand torn off by a mine fragment. And the shock wave damaged all the structures of the left eye. The wounded man reacted only to light. The fact is that Maxim has a congenital visual defect – he has poor vision in his right eye, which, although not physically damaged, does not fulfill its function. On the left wound there was 100% vision. The soldier underwent primary surgical interventions in front-line hospitals. And in order to fight for partial restoration of vision, the defender was sent to specialists at the Indestructible Center.

<img title="In the Indestructible center they restore sight to a military man using their own method" src="https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/5c70cdaaa8bca6440d9f10d1dc2f1" As a result of a mine explosion injury, the patient received a concussion severe left eye with post-traumatic complicated cataract and subretinal hemorrhage. The patient underwent surgery on the left eye, namely phacoemulsification of a cataract and implantation of an intraocular lens," said ophthalmologist Olga Levitskaya.

In connection with due to the fact that the connections of the lens were partially severed, and its position was unstable – during the operation, the center’s specialists used their own technique – the so-called suture support of the lens. The ophthalmologists also operated on the patient's other eye – the one with a congenital defect. After several interventions, Maxim’s visual acuity began to gradually improve. We have already achieved 60% visual acuity in the right eye and doctors expect further restoration of vision in the injured left eye. on a pilot project for the rehabilitation of people who lost their sight as a result of war.

Photo: UNBROKEN Ukraine


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