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Jerry Heil, UNICEF and “How are you?” released a song to support teenagers and youth


Apr 8, 2024

Video Representative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine together with singer Jerry Heil and psychologist Svetlana Royze presented the song Believe me! (“Believe!”) to support the mental health of adolescents and young people.

This is stated in a UNICEF Ukraine press release sent to Ukrinform.

“The affirmation song, created as part of the All-Ukrainian mental health program “How are you?”, will help young people tune in to self-support, feel the ability to influence their condition and maintain faith in their own strength,” the message says.

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In a UNICEF survey through U-Report Ukraine, 69% of young people aged 14 to 34 noted that their overall emotional state had worsened since February 24, 2022, while 73% of young people admitted that they needed emotional or psychological help. support.


Track Believe me! is a simple affirmation-based tool that will help you change your focus and become more positive.

“Affirmations— as they are often called — these are positive statements, motivators. They can help work with negative thinking patterns, break the circle of rumination (obsessive thoughts), expand the space of perception and offer another, more positive, scenario. Of course, words remain only words if we do not back them up with actions, because changes in our lives happen when we act. Positive statements help create a background, a possible incentive for our actions, noted Roiz.

According to her, it should also be remembered that any motivators cannot replace qualified support or assistance from a specialist. .

Some studies show that affirmation reduces cortisol levels in the body, and repeating positive statements engages the areas of the brain responsible for evaluating and perceiving oneself. In this way, you can train your brain to focus on the situation and yourself in it, and not just on negative scenarios. This helps to find a way out of the situation.

As the singer of the song Jerry Heil noted, today it is important to do things that add stability to our unpredictable reality: going to bed on time, doing exercises and doing other simple balancing routines. It is also important to listen to tracks that energize and inspire a positive perception.

«Sometimes, in order to collect your thoughts, you need to tell yourself “I can do everything,” sincerely believe it and start acting. I am glad that through music I can share my feelings about the world and principles. Therefore, if it seems that “things are going wrong, keep your back straight,” she added.

You can listen to the song using the links. Instagram, TikTok.

As Ukrinform reported, the wife of the President of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya recommended the book “Mental health of children during war: advice to parents and guardians” developed jointly with UNICEF.


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