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Fertility rates in Ukraine are falling by about 7% per year – Ministry of Health


Feb 22, 2024

Exclusive Fertility rates in Ukraine have fallen by about 7% per year since 2013, and the full-scale Russian invasion has led to an even greater fertility crisis.

Ukrinform was informed about this by the Ministry of Health and the National Health Service of Ukraine.

“The birth rate in Ukraine has been falling by about 7% per year since 2013. And the big war led to the greatest birth crisis. In 2023, an average of about 16,100 babies were born each month. For comparison, in previous years, before the full-scale invasion, the number of babies fluctuated between 21,000 and 23,000 per month,” the Ministry of Health reported.

The National Health Service told Ukrinform that in the electronic health system (ESOH ) in 2023, 176,981 births were recorded, data on 178,128 children were entered into the ESOC.

Accordingly, in 2021, 256,814 births were recorded in Ukraine, the number of children born, about whom data was entered into the ESOP, was 259,895.

In 2022, there were 190,393 births in Ukraine, the number of children born, data on of which are included in the ESZU – 192,691.

At the same time, as added to the NSZU, there is no data on how many Ukrainian women gave birth abroad after 02/24/2022.

" Such fixation is not possible, since the electronic healthcare system operates only on the territory of Ukraine and only Ukrainian doctors work with it,” noted the National Health Service.

As Ukrinform reported, the National Health Service has contracted for a package of the Medical Guarantees Program for Treatment infertility 12 medical institutions. More than 1.87 billion hryvnias have been allocated for this direction in the SMG-2024 budget, thanks to which it is planned to carry out 30 thousand cycles of infertility treatment. Taking into account the fact that the average success rate is about 30%, we can expect the birth of 10 thousand new Ukrainians.

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