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In Ukraine, six people died from flu complications in a week


Feb 22, 2024

 a week from complications six people died from influenza

Over the previous week, against the backdrop of an increase in the number of diseases, 6 deaths were recorded as a result of complications of influenza.

About this on the air of the national telethon “Unified News” said Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor Igor Kuzin, reports Ukrinform.

"Over the previous week, 6 deaths were registered among patients due to complications of influenza. Such cases were registered in the Khmelnitsky region, Kyiv and Lviv region. The death of a 10-year-old child and an 18-year-old girl in the Zhytomyr region were recorded in the Rivne region. Unfortunately, all the deceased did not have preventive vaccinations against influenza,” said Kuzin.

The chief state doctor explained that, starting in January, more cases of influenza have been recorded in most regions of Ukraine. The simultaneous circulation of influenza A and B viruses is also recorded, in particular, such double circulation was recorded in 20 regions of the country. usually a severe course,” said Kuzin.

As Kuzin emphasized, vaccination against influenza can be done throughout the entire epidemic season, but it is advisable to do this before it begins, or at the very beginning, in October.

< He recalled that vaccines for the prevention of influenza are designed to protect against both influenza A and B strains.

Currently, influenza vaccines can be purchased at pharmacies.

Kuzin noted that the Omicron strain is currently circulating primarily in Ukraine. An omicron-specific vaccine against covid is now available in Ukraine; it is used for preventive vaccinations. Such vaccination can be carried out at vaccination points free of charge.

As Ukrinform reported, according to the Ministry of Health, since the beginning of the epidemic season, 3.1 million Ukrainians, or almost 9% of the population, have been ill with influenza, acute respiratory viral infections and covid.



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