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Funds for shelter will be allocated primarily to hospitals in front-line territories – Lyashko


Apr 10, 2024

<img title="Funds for shelter will be allocated primarily for hospitals in front-line territories – Lyashko" src="https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/997260a2ba62503b01583cbd2ed88 The Cabinet of Ministers has allocated 1 billion UAH for the construction of shelters in medical institutions, these funds will be distributed primarily among institutions in the front-line territories.

According to the Ministry of Health, Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said this during a conference call with the heads of regional military-civil administrations, Ukrinform reports.

“Priority in the distribution of funds will be given to medical institutions located closer to areas of active hostilities, where Russia is constantly shelling civilian infrastructure and where the need for shelters is needed.” most critical. We have clear criteria that will help prioritize the allocation of funds. At the same time, we urge regional administrations to continue working in this direction, because we expect that this is only the first wave of funding, and we will continue to look for opportunities to make our medical institutions not only centers of help and support for patients, but also a safe space where everyone can feel protected in any case. “What situation,” said the minister.

As noted in the Ministry of Health, regional military-civil administrations must collect information on shelter projects in wealthy network hospitals ready for implementation by May 1, and by May 15 – provide it to the Ministry of Health.

Regional military administrations and the Kyiv City State Administration must form a list of projects in order of priority. In particular, this is the territorial proximity of the medical facility to the territory of active hostilities; the presence of autonomous heating, autonomous water supply, and autonomous power supply in the medical institution; availability of an agreement with the National Health Institution for the following packages: “Surgical operations for adults and children in inpatient settings”; and “Inpatient care for adults and children without surgical operations.”

The list of projects, after approval by the Ministry of Health commission, will be submitted to the government for approval of the distribution of the subvention.

The subvention will be allocated only for new construction, reconstruction, restoration, overhaul of storage facilities, anti-radiation shelters and dual-use structures in municipally owned hospitals.

As reported, over more than 25 months of war in different regions of Ukraine, 871 medical facilities have been fully or partially restored. Of these, 513 objects have been fully restored and another 358 have been restored. partially.

During the full-scale invasion, the enemy damaged 1,574 medical facilities and completely destroyed another 209 facilities (the facilities cannot be restored).


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