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In Lviv, surgeons from the United States helped shape a boy’s palate from cheek tissue


Mar 4, 2024

Photo In Lviv Okhmatdyt, specialists from Ukraine and the USA successfully performed an operation to form a sky from the cheek of 11-year-old Ilya from the Khmelnitsky region, who suffered from congenital facial deformity.

This is reported on Facebook “Center for Children's Medicine. Hospital “Okhmatdyt”, reports Ukrinform.

“For a child who was born without a palate, surgeons formed a new one from his own cheek tissue,” the report says.

It is noted that Ilya is 11 years old. He was born with a whole range of problems: a unilateral head anomaly arising from various developmental defects, deformation of the facial bones, muscles, a significant change in the anatomy of the oropharynx, absence of the palate and a complex variant of Pierre Robin syndrome (a congenital malformation combined with a cleft palate). .The guy suffered not only the bones of his face, but also his ears and dental system.

Ukrainian doctors in Kyiv and Lvov could not help Ilya. As a child, they tried to operate on him in Russia, but the installation of compression-distraction devices only worsened the situation.

When in Leading specialists from the USA – pediatric maxillofacial and plastic surgeons from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia – arrived at the Children's Medicine Center in Lviv; Olesya's mother contacted specialists, and they drew up an operation plan for Ilya.

“Our son is a very strong and courageous boy. He endured everything courageously. All his life the vice prevented Ilya from breathing and eating, but he adapted, it was difficult for him to speak, sounds came out more through his nose and not everyone understood him. But we didn’t give up and looked for salvation for our son, so when we heard about the American mission, we immediately came to Lviv and believed the Lviv doctors that they would be able to close the defect,” says mother Olesya.

From a cheek flap surgeons formed a full-fledged palate, which will continue to grow along with the guy. Next, the patient will undergo rehabilitation and adaptation to new normal conditions, that is, it will become easier for Ilya to breathe, eat, and his language should also improve.

As Ukrinform reported, at the end of February, leading maxillofacial surgeons arrived in Lviv from the United States from the USA to help children with congenital facial defects. Among them are a surgeon from the United States of Ukrainian origin, Oksana Jackson, who received an award from the President for her many years of assistance to Ukrainian children and wounded military personnel, a pediatric plastic and reconstructive surgeon from a hospital in Philadelphia, David Lowe, and a plastic surgeon, Natalia Biskup.

<em Photo : Center for Children's Medicine. Okhmatdyt Hospital


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