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In Lviv, surgeons from the USA operated on 20 children with facial defects


Mar 5, 2024

surgeons from The United States operated on 20 children with facial defects

Photo, video A team of doctors from the United States was in Lviv for five days to help Ukrainian children with congenital and acquired facial defects.

During this time, doctors performed 50 consultations and 20 complex operations at the St. Nicholas Children's Hospital.

This was reported by the press service of the Lviv Regional Medical Academy, Ukrinform reports.

«This is the second visit of the famous American surgeon of Ukrainian origin Oksana Jackson and her team to the St. Nicholas Children's Hospital in Lviv. During their five days in Lviv, foreign specialists advised and corrected facial defects of young patients from different parts of Ukraine. For the youngest child – – 4 months, oldest – 17 years old,” the message says.

operated on 20 children with defects faces

Jackson and her team also helped an already adult girl and operated on a one-year-old patient, Vika, whom Lviv hospital specialists have been treating since the second day of her life.

operated on 20 children with facial defects faces

“Girl Vika – from Ternopil region. She was born with a cleft lip and a slight ear deformity. Our doctors could not correct this deficiency before, because they first had to solve the problem that threatened her life. The child was born with esophageal atresia – This is a congenital malformation during which the organ is divided into several unconnected segments. The newborn could not breathe or eat. Our surgeons were able to correct this pathology. And now, together with American colleagues, we have undertaken to correct the congenital facial defect,” explained Andrei Dvorakevich, head of the Surgery Center at St. Nicholas Hospital.

Doctors connected the corners of the girl’s lips and performed ear plastic surgery. The ear reconstruction was one of the most difficult during the mission. The operation went well. When Victoria grows up, she will need to undergo another intervention. on the jaw.

In total, the American-Ukrainian team of surgeons performed 20 complex operations. Doctors worked with various facial defects: cleft lips and palate and speech disorders caused by these pathologies, Poland syndrome, deformities of the nose and ears, facial paralysis, lipomas, congenital nevi, burns and scars.

In the near future, cooperation with colleagues will continue in the USA. In April, the first group of Lviv intern doctors will go for an internship to Philadelphia at a local children's clinic. As Ukrinform reported, in the Lviv Okhmatdyt, specialists from Ukraine and the United States successfully performed an operation to form the palate from the cheek of 11-year-old Ilya, Khmelnytsky region, who had a congenital facial deformity.

Photo: Lviv OVA



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