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Last year in Ukraine the state provided almost 12 thousand people with prosthetics


Mar 27, 2024

The state budget of Ukraine for this year includes almost twice as much funds for providing people with auxiliary means of rehabilitation than in the past.

Vitaly Muzychenko, General Director of the Social Protection Fund for Persons with Disabilities, Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine in 2019-2023, said this on Ukrainian Radio.

“In total, almost twice as much funds are provided for 2024 as last year… These funds are directed not only to the prosthetics system. This is the lion’s component… However, we are talking about the entire spectrum of providing auxiliary means of rehabilitation, starting from basic sticks or crutches for personal mobility and ending with electric scooters, electric carts, bionic prostheses,” noted Muzychenko.

He said, that last year almost 12 thousand people were provided with prosthetics, who were provided with more than 18 thousand products under the state program. Some of these people have paired amputations or multiple amputations of limbs, especially when it comes to mine-explosive injuries of military personnel or victims of rocket attacks.

For military personnel, added the general director of the Social Protection Fund for Persons with Disabilities, a prosthetic system is available high-function prosthetics and sports prosthetics. Here, the cost of products and components can reach 2 million or more, depending on a person’s needs.

However, the state’s task is to provide not the most expensive prosthesis, but one that will meet the patient’s needs, Muzychenko noted.

As Ukrinform reported, the third rehabilitation center for wounded military personnel of the national Recovery network has been opened in Dnipro.

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