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Mental health program “How are you?” starts a new campaign with the participation of veterans – Zelenskaya


Feb 27, 2024

Video All-Ukrainian mental health program “How are you?” launches a new campaign involving veterans.

The First Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya announced this in a Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

"All-Ukrainian mental health program "How are you?" launches a new campaign involving veterans. Her goal is; remind you that the experience of defenders and defenders is worthy of respect, and restoration needs support,” Zelenskaya wrote.

She noticed that veterans and veterans strive to prolong their lives. study, create families, build careers, but the military experience is with them forever, and to return to life, they need the respect and understanding of civilians.

Video: Elena Zelenskaya telegram channel

"We never know why the person we meet passed by. We remember this when you want to ask about combat experience and when you just want to say “thank you,” the First Lady noted. She said that projects, charitable foundations and public organizations are also joining the new campaign and are ready to provide professional support to each and everyone. “Find them at howareu.com,” Zelenskaya added.

The company was created thanks to the Veterans Reintegration Program, which is implemented by IREX with the support of the US State Department, and the USAID project “Development of a Sustainable Public Health System.” , which is carried out by the Pact organization.

As reported, the All-Ukrainian mental health program “How are you?” – an initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya, aimed at developing a high-quality system for providing services in the field of psychosocial support and developing a culture of care for mental health.

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