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“Medzakupki” delivered 145 million worth of medicines and medical products to the regions in a week


Feb 27, 2024

List The state enterprise “Medical Procurement” delivered medicines and medical products worth 145 million UAH to the regions last week.

The press service reported this on Facebook state enterprise “Medical Procurement”, reports Ukrinform.

“Over the past week (02/19–02/23), we sent medical goods totaling more than UAH 145 million to the regions,” the message says.

In particular, these are free medical products and drugs for the treatment of such diseases :

  • adult oncology (23.6 million UAH) – bicalutamide, vinorelbine, docetaxel, everolimus, epirubicin, erlotinib, etoposide, idarubicin, capecitabine, cladribine, lenalidomide, lomustine, melphalan, mesna, methotrexate, oxaliplatin, pomalidanyld, cytarabine;
  • pediatric oncology (200 thousand UAH) – isotretinoin, methylprednisolone, methotrexate, sulbactam/cefaperazone, topotecan, fentanyl, fluconazole, etc.;
  • cardiovascular diseases (10.9 million UAH) – catheters, mitral valve repair ring, stents, tissue vascular prosthesis, ductus arteriosus closure device, medical products for carotid artery stenting, medical products for embolization of cerebral aneurysms, etc.
  • adult hemophilia (21.3 million UAH) – emicizumab, recombinant blood coagulation factor VIIa, human blood coagulation factor VIII;
  • children hemophilia (3.5 million UAH) – recombinant blood coagulation factor VIIa, human blood coagulation factor VIII, human blood coagulation factor VIII and von Willebrand factor;
  • endoprostheses (13.2 million UAH) – knee joint endoprostheses, revision hip endoprostheses;
  • multiple sclerosis (100 thousand UAH) – dimethyl fumarate, fingolimod;
  • viral hepatitis B and C (2.2 million UAH) – test systems for detecting hepatitis B; test systems for detecting hepatitis C;
  • rheumatoid arthritis (1 million UAH) – tocilizumab;
  • pulmonary arterial hypertension (100 thousand UAH) – bosentan;
  • epidermolysis bullosa (UAH 61 million) – sponge dressings, non-woven napkins;
  • vaccines (7.4 million UAH) – toxoid for the prevention of diphtheria and tetanus with reduced antigen content (ADP-M);
  • infertility of women (1.1 million UAH) – folitropin beta.

As noted in the State Enterprise “Medical Procurement”, the availability of drugs in hospitals can be checked using the Telegram bot “Medical Procurement of Ukraine”.

As Ukrinform reported, according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, the State Enterprise “Medical Procurement” in 2024 will purchase expensive medical equipment, specialized ambulance vehicles and services for technical inspection, examination, technical condition checks and tests, etc. in the amount of 198, 8 million hryvnia from United24 account.

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