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“Rebooting” a fighter in 7-10 days is real


Feb 24, 2024

Report In Kharkov, neurosurgeon Alexander Markov, with the help of a veterans' fund, opened a rehabilitation center

Kharkov resident Alexander Markov worked in an emergency hospital for more than 20 years, and over time he rebuilt the rehabilitation department in a private clinic. I had been thinking about opening my own business for a long time, and I was able to realize my plan only thanks to a grant from the Ukrainian Veterans Fund. In the spring of 2023, the neurosurgeon rented premises, purchased equipment and opened the “Markov RehabCenter” in the center of Kharkov.

Clients of the rehabilitation and recovery center – both military and civilian. Markov considers his task to be a physical and psychological “reboot.” person in a short time.

The specialist told Ukrinform correspondents about his own experience, rehabilitation and entrepreneurship in a city constantly suffering from Russian attacks.


Alexander Markovreceived a grant from the Ukrainian Veterans Fund as a participant in the ATO. In 2015, the neurosurgeon joined the first volunteer mobile hospital named after. Nikolai Pirogov. He operated in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions: in the Bakhmut region, which was then called Artemovsk, in Popasnaya.

<img title=""Rebooting" a fighter in 7-10 days – this is real" ://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/f5624f86022c2743f55e65a457a86743.jpg" alt=""Reboot" fighter in 7-10 days – this is real" – Military doctors dealt with the military. I helped civilians. Because there was not enough medical care, the front-line zone was left virtually without doctors. Markov notes.

In 2022, he joined the volunteer hospital for the second time. I took my family out of Kharkov on March 1, after attacks on the regional administration building in the city center.

– I took my family to the border, and then my friends and I got organized and went to Kyiv. I held the position of chief physician at a certain location in Vyshgorod. They treated the military. Then, in April, we went east. Bakhmut, Lisichansk, Slavyansk, Severodonetsk. In general, since about 2019, I have not practiced as a neurosurgeon, but only consulted. Because I am of the opinion that surgery is; this is a matter for the young. Although you have experience, you also need strength. But in Bakhmut, he still operated on civilians injured during shelling, recalls Markov.

Having started his own business, the specialist focused even more on rehabilitation.

– In fact, this is the third rehabilitation center that I am building, but the first – own. And I want to do this job perfectly. Our country needs as many establishments as possible to be restored, – says the doctor.

sandbags on the windows, fireproof covers on the equipment

The clinic is located near the city center, from Freedom Square – a few minutes by car. On the windowsills – sandbags, windows half sealed. There are covers on trestle beds and special equipment not currently in use – dense and heavy.

– fireproof, – the doctor explains. – For protection if a fire suddenly arrives. But from broken glass.

After attacks at the end of the year and the beginning of January on residential areas of the Shevchenko district, patients one after another canceled their appointments, Markov states. Some decided to leave, some tried to leave the house less. And he doesn’t plan to change the place.

– Where is the safe area in Kharkov? There's no such thing. We have to work, – he says.

And this is really so.

Veteran Vladimir Samoilenko, who came for a consultation for the first time, has been experiencing long-standing back problems. Another exacerbation – I can only bend over with pain. In 2014-2018 the man served under contract in the 25th Airborne Brigade. He participated in the liberation of Slavyansky and Kramatorsk, was in Debaltsevo and Shakhtersk, where he was wounded. Subsequently he defended Avdeevka, Zaitseva, Yasinovataya. After a full-scale invasion, he joined the terrorist defense, participated in heavy battles for Pitomnik, Russkaya Lozovaya, Big and Small Passages in the Kharkov region, Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, and later served in the border Sumy region.

– Back “torn off” – this is still with the ATO. Due to loading. I was treated a lot, but little helped. I found out that there is a procedure for stretching the spine, so I came for a consultation,” says Vladimir.

After working with the patient, Markov shows the traction table – for the mentioned spine extraction.

– This is an American-made device. In the line of such – perhaps the best. I received it at the end of December. The person lies down, the upper part of the body and the lower part are fixed. Turns on. Extraction – An ancient healing method and, when used correctly, gives a very good effect. Relaxes and stretches muscles, causes surging of the intervertebral disc, that is, it has a positive effect on cartilage. Stretching in various forms is found in many health practices, such as yoga. But axial extraction can only be done using a device, – says Markov.

When asked how much such a table costs, he shakes his head:

– No, no, I don’t even want to say this amount out loud. I myself would not have earned that kind of money in a year, not even close.

Notes that he was skeptical about any competitions, so when his project became one of the winners, he was really surprised. And then in Kharkov, through the Association of Private Employers, I learned about the Ukrainian Veterans Fund. the doctor recalls.


In addition to active military personnel and veterans, law enforcement officers turn to a rehabilitation therapist for help.


– The police are coming, the police girls are coming. At the beginning of the invasion, many were given body armor that weighed 13 kilograms! Of course, such a load will be reflected on the back. Subsequently, we purchased body armor with ceramic plates that weigh 3-4 kg. And military personnel from the immediate combat zone all have back problems, 100%. For this – hypothermia and physical stress. I note that there is no panacea. We get any positive result when we use a set of solutions – Markov notes.

The clinic has a device for shock wave therapy. The procedure stimulates muscles and tendons.

In another office – rehabilitation system “RedCord”. And Markov calls this modern equipment only a component of therapy.

– There is a special table that moves up and down, and a suspension system in which a person does exercises. In this system, it is possible to diagnose a patient, treat him, and restore certain functions. For the same back pain -; lots of possible reasons. Is it purely structural pain in the case of muscle imbalance that occurs during movement, or is it constant, monotonous (I call it “exhaustion pain”), or are these different types at the same time. For any resource depletion of the body can be accompanied by lower back pain. You can do anything, but until a person’s resources are restored, the pain will not go away,” he said. the doctor says.

Explains: no matter what disorder the patient presents with, there are always structural, regulatory, emotional and visceral (associated with internal organs) components. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose, “decompose” problem and choose a tool for each part.

In addition to the founder, the clinic employs a psychologist, a rehabilitation therapist, and a massage therapist.

<img title="«Reboot» a fighter in 7-10 days – this is real" src="https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/ea5d7304bd4855a809b6cb67b5b0b1a5.jpg" alt=""Reboot" is a fighter for "7

– We already have successful experience when the military “rebooted” after the front. completely in a short time. When we had vacation time, 7–10 days. This includes psychological support, diagnosis of old chronic diseases, exacerbations of these diseases, diagnosis of structural disorders. joint and back pain, analysis of regulatory problems: sleep disorders, nervous system disorders often associated with post-concussion conditions, panic attacks, irritable bowel syndrome, cardioneurosis and much more. As soon as a military man receives qualified care, believe me, he “flourishes.” A week later he’s already a different person – says the doctor.

In his opinion, Ukrainian rehabilitation medicine should focus on such comprehensive care, which can be obtained in one place.

– The military simply does not have time to run around to different doctors, wait in lines, – Markov notes. – But, unfortunately, we have very few rehabilitation specialists in Kharkov.

Yulia Bayrachnaya, Kharkov
Photo Vyacheslav Madievsky


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