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Medical students will be trained in the latest approaches in rehabilitation and psychiatry – Ministry of Health


Feb 23, 2024

Ukrainian medical students will be taught the latest approaches in rehabilitation and psychiatry.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health, Ukrinform reports.

“The most modern approaches to rehabilitation and psychiatry are now being introduced in Ukrainian medical education, namely: the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, evidence-based approaches based on human rights in psychiatry,” the message says.

As noted by the Ministry of Health, the International Classification of Functioning (ICF) is the newest method for determining a person’s health status after an injury, which makes it possible to rebuild the rehabilitation system in Ukraine, making it better, more effective and person-centric.

This is already the third WHO classification translated and implemented into the Ukrainian healthcare system in the form of a National Classifier. It is the ICF that helps to describe the functioning and limitation of a person’s life activity in connection with a state of health (after an injury or illness). The biopsychosocial model underlying the ICF helps change the view on the rehabilitation process, focusing on the needs of the patient, his socialization, and return to independent life.

The ICF provides a common language and structure for describing all components of a person's functioning in his environment; it can be used in developing and documenting individual rehabilitation plans and assessing their effectiveness.

Evidence-based rehabilitation – is an approach that uses the best evidence from medical research to make decisions about effective rehabilitation methods for patients.

An important component of evidence-based rehabilitation is an individual approach to each patient, taking into account his unique needs, capabilities and goals of recovery. This may include various methods and techniques.

Evidence-based rehabilitation is aimed not only at restoring physical functions, but also at improving the patient’s quality of life, social adaptation and independence.

A rights-based approach to psychiatry is methods and approaches to the treatment and care of patients with mental disorders that are based on respect for the dignity and autonomy of the patient, in particular the participation of the patient in making decisions about his treatment and care, and provide an individualized approach to treatment , that is, developing a treatment plan that takes into account the unique needs, values ​​and beliefs of each patient.

As the Ministry of Health notes, the new approach to psychiatry aims to prevent stigma and discrimination, increase public awareness of the rights and needs of people with mental disorders, create an environment where patients can feel like full members of society without restrictions and prejudices, and guarantee access to quality services. in the field of mental health, ensuring access to various forms of treatment and psychosocial support, monitoring their quality and effectiveness, protecting the rights of patients in psychiatric institutions, in particular the rights of patients to decent conditions of stay and treatment, preventing any form of physical, psychological or exploitative violence over patients.

Currently, as the ministry notes, all higher education institutions falling within the sphere of management of the Ministry of Health are actively introducing these approaches into their educational programs at different levels of education in specialties in the field of knowledge “Healthcare”. I.”

These approaches are also used at the stage of postgraduate training in internship, in cycles of specialization and thematic improvement in the medical specialties “Psychiatry”, “Narcology”, “Medical Psychology”, “Medical Psychology”. ;, “ , “Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.”

As reported, in April 2022, at the initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health was introduced as a national classifier. The process of accounting for rehabilitation interventions is already taking place based on the principles of the ICF.

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