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The “Hear the Doctor” forum took place in Lviv


Feb 23, 2024

The “Hear the Doctor” forum took place in Lviv

Photo The “Hear the Doctor” Forum took place in Lviv. This is an educational project of the Lviv OVA, within the framework of which volunteers conduct lectures on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention for students in schools.

This was reported by the Lviv Regional State Administration, Ukrinform reports.

“This event has been taking place on the initiative of Maxim Kozitsky for more than three years. We started this initiative with the goal of informing, preventing, and involving families and schools in caring for the health of children. It is important that this is exactly what we can do through our own efforts and in collaboration with the Department of Health, the Department of Education and Science of the Lviv Regional State Administration, the environment of teachers and families, – emphasized the moderator and founder of the project Galina Bordun.

The “Hear the Doctor” forum took place in Lviv

The project promotes the preservation and support of health, delivers quality health information in simple language on a peer-to-peer basis, and expands and provides access to mental health services for populations affected by war.

The speakers at the event were not only medical experts accompanying and developing the field, but also media representatives, in particular bloggers and athletes. From medical experts, participants received knowledge about myths regarding health, sports and injuries, sexual literacy, prevention of strokes and heart attacks, and the impact of social networks on mental health.

The “Hear the Doctor” forum took place in Lviv

For the entire duration of the “Hear the Doctor” project, reached more than 16,500 children and held 460 lectures and 10 flash mobs. And recently we began holding lectures together with a sign language interpreter for children with hearing impairments.

“This forum for me is about the future of our state, about young people who will share knowledge about what lifestyle to lead, how to eat right, how to prevent diseases, how to introduce a culture of healthy habits. We must think and take care of our health today in order to have a happy and healthy tomorrow, – said Natalya Litvinskaya, director of the health department of the Lvov Regional State Administration.

The “Hear the Doctor” forum took place in Lviv

Feedback from event participants became valuable for the organizers – student governments, parents, teachers and school principals on their knowledge about health, in order to subsequently be able to implement the project in schools.

As Ukrinform reported, the development of psychosocial support was discussed at the forum in Lviv. In particular, the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Maxim Kozitsky, called on the relevant ministries to systematize work to support the military, veterans and their families, and not rely only on volunteer and charitable initiatives.

Photo: Lviv Regional Military Administration


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