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The Ministry of Health reminded that a number of cosmetic procedures require a medical practice license


Mar 12, 2024

The Ministry of Health notes that a number of cosmetological procedures require a medical practice license.

This is stated in an explanation published by the press service of the Ministry of Health, reports Ukrinform.

«The beauty industry market is saturated with many offers to “pin up the lips and between the eyebrows”… Such activities belong to the healthcare sector.” I am allowed only if there is a license to practice medicine,” the Ministry of Health noted.

In particular, we are talking about procedures for the cosmetic correction of skin defects, determining its aesthetic imperfections, the use of fillers and botulinum toxin, microneedle therapy, contouring, hardware hair removal, the use of physical and chemical agents (chemical peeling, photodynamic therapy, ultraviolet radiation, lasers, pulsed, cryotherapy), basic principles of cosmetic skin care, organization of cosmetic care, etc.

“The nomenclature of medical specialties does not provide for the specialty of cosmetology.” These procedures can only be performed by a dermatologist surgeon. So, before choosing a salon or office for cosmetic procedures, remember that in order to carry out such activities, the establishment must have a license from the Ministry of Health in the specialty “Surgical Dermatology”, which allows medical practice, the ministry notes.

Indicated that a copy of such a license and/or an extract from the License Register of the Ministry of Health indicating the list of specialties in which medical practice is carried out and the address of production must be placed in a place accessible to the consumer.

The regime must also be clearly indicated work, information about health workers indicating their last name, first name, patronymic, position. In addition, a document confirming the availability of a qualification category, a list of medical services indicating their cost, and copies of accreditation certificates must be posted.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Procedure for informing the population on biological safety and biological protection.


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