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The number of medical institutions for internships will be increased in Ukraine


Mar 12, 2024

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The Ministry of Health has submitted draft amendments to the Regulations on Internship for public discussion.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health, Ukrinform reports.

“The ministry team has developed a draft amendment to the current Internship Regulations, aimed at comprehensively improving the current model, and invites you to join the public discussion. The new regulation increases the number of medical institutions in which employment and practical training of interns can be carried out,” the statement says. under the Medical Guarantee Program and in which there are positions of intern doctors, will have support from the National Health Service.

A specialist doctor who has completed an internship training program at the expense of the state budget will be provided with a job in his specialty in the health care institution to which he was assigned. If this is not possible, the health department of the local government administration will be obliged to provide a vacant position for this medical specialist in another health care institution.

The rating distribution to internships is carried out by the Higher Education Commission. Graduates who studied under government orders and refused the offers received have the right to enter an internship next year. Graduates who studied at the expense of individuals (legal entities) and refused the offers received, independently choose the place of internship.

Application from foreigners and stateless persons are accepted for participation in the ranking distribution of places for internship training at the expense of natural legal entities). Mandatory condition – state certificate of proficiency in the Ukrainian language not lower than the average level of the first stage.

Demobilized military personnel who are graduates of higher education institutions have the right to undergo internship training at the expense of the state budget if there are available places.

The project provides that if an intern cannot obtain a full list of competencies provided for by the internship training program, The head of the health care institution to which he is assigned is obliged, together with the internship curator in the Western Military District, to ensure the identification and assignment of the intern to another health care institution.

The duration of the assignment during one academic year cannot exceed 30% of the time provided for practical part of the internship preparation during the academic year. During a business trip for a medical intern, the position at the main place of work is guaranteed. Financing of internship preparation from the state budget is currently carried out at the main place of work.

Comments and suggestions for the project are accepted within 30 days in written or electronic form: 01601, Kiev, st. Grushevsky, 7, 01601; moz@moz.gov.ua, o.l.zhmakina@moz.gov.ua.


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