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Transplant services will be provided by 39 medical institutions this year.


Feb 19, 2024

In 2024, 39 medical institutions will provide transplantation services.

The Ukrainian Transplant Coordination Center announced this on Facebook, Ukrinform reports.

“39 medical institutions have already entered into agreements with the NHSU to provide assistance using the transplant method. Of these, 31 are communal establishments, 7 are state-owned and 1 are private, the report says.

In total, as the Center notes, 44 medical institutions submitted proposals to provide services under packages for transplantation. After checking five of them, the NHSU was denied the opportunity to provide such services in 2024.

The list of institutions providing assistance with organ transplantation in 2024 is available here.

The list of institutions providing assistance using the hematopoietic stem cell transplantation method in 2024 is available here.

Since 2024, the state has been paying for the provision of medical care using the transplantation method through the Medical Guarantee Program. It contains two separate packages: treatment of adults and children using organ transplantation; treatment of adults and children using hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

The provision of medical care under both packages involves three stages: pre-transplantation period – appropriate examinations and preparation for surgical intervention; transplantation period – surgical intervention for organ transplantation and treatment during the postoperative period until the patient is discharged from the hospital; post-transplant period – medical services provided to the patient after discharge from the hospital until 360 days from the date of the operation.

Both packages provide a whole range of services that the patient can receive free of charge: the necessary laboratory and instrumental tests for donors and recipients, timely pain relief at all stages of diagnosis and treatment, transplantation, provision of medications, psychological support, etc.

As noted, the tariffs for organ transplantation that were in effect in the pilot project of the Ministry of Health were retained in the Medical Guarantee Program and were even increased for the provision of medical care during the post-transplant period. For example, the NHSU will pay 41 thousand UAH for the provision of medical services at the pre-transplant stage. The tariff for transplantation will depend on the transplanted organ: for a lung transplant, the NHSU will pay over 2.6 million UAH, for a heart transplant – andndash; over 2 million UAH, liver –; about 1.4 million UAH, kidneys –; 800 thousand UAH. The tariff for the post-transplantation period also depends on the transplanted organ and can range from 185 to 193 thousand UAH. family donor. And also on the duration of post-transplantation support for the patient.

The highest tariff, almost 2.4 million UAH, is provided for the provision of medical care with allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation with the donor stage and post-transplantation support for up to 180 days.


As Ukrinform reported, the Medical Guarantee Program for 2024 began to operate on January 1, its budget is more than 159 billion hryvnia, of which 5.2 billion hryvnia is allocated for reimbursement of medicines.


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