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Ukrposhta began selling medicines with free delivery


Feb 25, 2024

Ukrposhta delivery

The project “Ukrposhta” has started in Ukraine. Pharmacy” for the sale of medicine, which was the first to be joined by branches in the Donetsk and Sumy regions.

This was announced by the company’s general director Igor Smilyansky in a Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

“With the support of many people who joined to make this project a reality within a month (this has never happened before in the history of Ukraine), from the OP, the Ministry of Health, the State Liquor Service, the Ministry for the Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, we are launching “ ; Ukrposhta.Pharmacy”. This project is about accessibility. Availability of a pharmacy in any city or village in Ukraine. Availability of any medicines people need. And the opportunity to get this medicine at an affordable price, including within the framework of the state program “Affordable Medicine,” said Smelyansky.

According to him, the project initially started in settlements of the Donetsk region and border areas of the Sumy region, where there are no pharmacies. Subsequently, it will be extended to the entire territory of Ukraine.

Also later it will be possible to order medicines through Ukrposhta branches, mobile offices or from postmen, even where there is no mobile connection.

Smelyansky notes, that delivery of the medicine will be free, and the markup from the beginning of the project will be minimal, below that regulated by the state. In the future, orders can be made online or through the application.

Initial investments, at the expense of Ukrposhta's own funds, amount to 10-15 million UAH.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health reports that the project has started in the de-occupied and front-line territories of Donbass and certain border areas of the Sumy region.

It is noted that Ukrposhta has received a license for retail and electronic retail trade in medicines.

Health Minister Viktor Lyashko noted that there are about 5,700 pharmacies and pharmacy points in Ukrainian villages and towns. At the same time, more than 20 thousand villages do not have pharmacies.

“Joint project “Ukrposhta. Pharmacy” – an initiative that will significantly improve people's access to medicines. All you need to do to order the necessary medications is call the Ukrposhta contact center, which will subsequently deliver the medicine. We start with Donbass and certain border areas of the Sumy region. The pilot project will be expanded further. It is very important that in this way you can also obtain drugs under the “Available Medicines” program,” said Lyashko.

Almost 10 thousand types of over-the-counter medicines can be ordered through Ukrposhta.

The program contains 515 trade names of medicines and medical equipment, which can be obtained with a doctor’s prescription, free of charge or with a small surcharge.

Medicines will be dispensed from the company's pharmacy and will be delivered to consumers at the nearest branch of Ukrposhta.

Subsequently, it is planned to expand the project to the front-line Kharkiv region, Kherson region, Mykolaiv region, Zaporozhye, and in the future – all settlements of the country.

You can order medicines by calling 0 800 300 545.

To contact a specialist, you need to follow the prompts in the voice menu.

The order will be packaged and sent using the Ukrposhta Express service ;. Free delivery. You can track the shipment on the website, in the mobile application and through a chat bot in instant messengers.

As Ukrinform reported, the government launched a project of mobile pharmacy points to ensure the availability of medicines for people living in rural areas. In January 2024, the first mobile pharmacy opened in the Kharkov region, the route of which covers 80 settlements. In February, a mobile pharmacy was launched in the Cherkasy region, covering 36 settlements. The Ministry of Health plans to expand the project to all regions.


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